Dear Self, | Self-care letters for the most vulnerable times in your life

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Dear Self, | Self-care letters for the most vulnerable times in your life

Ilham Usman
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Do you ever wish you could shut off the voice inside you that has so much negativity, that beats you up and makes you feel vulnerable with just one thought?

Well, you can shut it off by creating another voice. A stronger voice that will challenge that insecure scared version of you by using 'dear self,'.

Dear self is a prompt letter that will guide you to write certain thoughts and have a conversation with the other voice every time you feel depressed, anxious, insecure, or unloved.

Not like in a crazy way.

Like you’re talking to a friend, a best friend that knows you and understands you.


These letters will help you understand what you’re feeling, become aware of it, understand the triggers, let you feel what you’re feeling, and also prompt your thoughts to shift in your favor which will help reduce feeling depressed, anxious, insecure & unloved.

Ebook details:

There are 7 letters included in this ebook. Each is custom to you, with blank prompts to fill out yourself. You get to hear your own voice, as tiny as it may feel. The letters include;

  1. Letter to my depressed self

  2. Letter to my anxious self

  3. Letter to my insecure self

  4. Letter to my burned-out self

  5. Letter to my regretful self

  6. Letter to my scared self

  7. Letter to my self-loathing self


If you have any issues with the download, feel free to email me at hello@ilhamusman.com

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