How to Beat To-do List Overwhelm | Productivity Series

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How to Beat To-do List Overwhelm | Productivity Series

Ilham Usman
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I can help you stop procrastinating using a small formula.

When you use this approach you will not need motivation or any productivity strategies to work on your goals

Researchers and psychologists have researched procrastination and they have all come to one conclusion, which is you procrastinate to avoid pain, and by removing that pain, procrastination is almost non-existent.

Overcoming the overwhelming pain has helped me increase my productivity tenfold and it has helped more people as well.

Table of contents:

• Introduction

• What causes your overwhelm

• How to change your thoughts

• True reasons you could not complete your to-do list

• Big changes to create big results

• Small changes that make small differences which create big results

• Discipline

• How to avoid toxic productivity

• Checklist: the to-do list detox

Special note:

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Because the product is a digital download, I do not offer refunds.

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